3 Benefits of Teen Counselling

If your teenager is struggling with some aspects of their life, then your natural reaction is to try and help them. However, sometimes, parents and teens can't communicate effectively. Despite your best efforts, your child doesn't seem to be coping any better. At this stage, it might help to arrange for your teen to see a counsellor. What are the benefits of them seeking professional help? 1. It's Easier to Talk to an Objective Adult

Does Your Marriage Need Counselling Services? Consider the Following Signs

One of the biggest assumptions that some people have about marriage is that as long as you are with the love of your life, you will not face anything that is too big to handle. The reason why this is untrue is that even if you were deeply in love with your spouse, there is the chance of breeding resentment down the road. Not to mention the changes your relationship experiences when you have kids, a partner loses their job and so on.

A Short Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health problems in the world and is characterised by a fear of social situations and interacting with other people. There are various methods of treatment, each of which is suitable for different people. This short guide explains social anxiety disorder in detail, from the initial symptoms to the available treatments, which include medication and hypnotherapy. Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

2 Things You Can Do to Deal with Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious from time to time. For example, if you have a job interview or if you are going on a first date. However, if you feel anxious all of the time, even when there isn't anything happening which could trigger it, you may have an anxiety disorder. If it is not treated, an anxiety disorder can have a significant impact on the quality of your life.

4 Communication Problems That Can Ruin a Marriage

Effective communication is crucial in ensuring that spouses deal with any issues that may arise as they relate with each other. However, some communication issues can wreak havoc on a happy marriage and even lead to a breakup. This article discusses some of those harmful communication issues that partners should avoid. Frequent Interruptions It is never a good idea for you to keep interrupting your partner when he or she is trying to express something.