Does Your Marriage Need Counselling Services? Consider the Following Signs

One of the biggest assumptions that some people have about marriage is that as long as you are with the love of your life, you will not face anything that is too big to handle. The reason why this is untrue is that even if you were deeply in love with your spouse, there is the chance of breeding resentment down the road. Not to mention the changes your relationship experiences when you have kids, a partner loses their job and so on. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all unions have to end when life happens. The trick to saving your marriage is seeking help as early as possible, rather than waiting until the resentment is palpable. The following piece highlights a list of signs indicative of you and your partner's need for marriage counselling services.

Are your arguments about the same thing?

One of the first signs that your marriage may be in danger is when you notice you keep arguing over the same matters repeatedly. Having the same disagreements means that you and your partner are not communicating effectively. This breakdown in communication will only get worse if you do not seek help, which can lead to the dissolution of your union. When you seek marriage counselling, the therapist will help you understand why the same issue keeps cropping up in your frights and walk you through resolving the underlying problem. A therapist will also teach the two of you how to communicate effectively, which can decrease the occurrence of disagreements. 

Have you stopped having sex?

Another sign that your marriage is in trouble and you need to seek help from a counsellor is when you stop being intimate with your partner. While sex is a large part of intimacy, it is not the only thing involved. Do you and your partner cuddle? Do you kiss? Do you hold hands? If you and your spouse are not having a physical connection, it could mean that one or both of you have switched off from the relationship. A lack of intimacy can also increase the risk of infidelity, especially if one partner is willing to be intimate and the other is not. Sessions with a marriage counsellor will help establish the cause for the lack of a physical connection. Additionally, your therapist will teach you exercises that can help with igniting the spark that you both had earlier on in your relationship.