4 Communication Problems That Can Ruin a Marriage

Effective communication is crucial in ensuring that spouses deal with any issues that may arise as they relate with each other. However, some communication issues can wreak havoc on a happy marriage and even lead to a breakup. This article discusses some of those harmful communication issues that partners should avoid.

Frequent Interruptions

It is never a good idea for you to keep interrupting your partner when he or she is trying to express something. That interruption can leave that person feeling like you never give them a chance to express themselves. Over time, your partner can start resenting you for assuming that you know what they want to say even before they say it. This resentment can grow to the extent of killing the joy you once had in your marriage. 

Always Giving In

Another communication problem that can ruin a marriage is when you keep giving in to the opinions and wishes of your partner in order to have peace or end an argument. Such an approach ultimately creates an imbalance in the relationship because you will begin to feel that you have no say in what happens in the marriage. Such thoughts can lead you to start reconsidering whether that relationship is worth holding onto.

Dismissive Attitudes

Communication can quickly suffer between married people if one of those people has a dismissive attitude towards the things that his or her partner expresses. For example, you should never dismiss your partner's concern about how you are spending less time together lately. Calling such a concern trivial can dampen any urge that your partner may have had in rekindling the good times that you used to have before. The only way left for that relationship now becomes the downhill path to separation or dysfunction.

Monopolising a Conversation

Another harmful communication issue is when one of you is always dominating conversations. Communication should be a two-way process. Dominating the conversation denies your partner the opportunity to feel that he or she matters in the relationship. It is therefore vital for you to use techniques that encourage your partner to participate more during conversations. For instance, you can keep asking him or her to comment about the suitability of a home improvement idea that you have. This invitation will show your partner that you value him or her. Consequently, your communication will grow deeper based on that foundation of respect for each other's views.

Do you notice any of the communication issues above in your partner? Talk to a marriage counsellor so that those barriers to effective communication can be resolved before they drive a wedge between you and your partner.